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Kingsway’s Portfolio

Track record of our remarkable transaction cases from 2004-2006

  • Sold whole block of building No.10 Gage central HK – Completed transaction as well as split sales for individual units of the block•
  • Sold whole block of building No.74 Hollywood Rd, Central HK – Completed transaction


en bloc (whole block of building), That valuable building included two corner retail shops at ground level at 1,000sqft each and the upstairs residential apartments. We have again resold the property.

  • Sold whole block of building No.16A Elgin St SoHo Central HK- completed transaction en bloc.
  • Sold whole block of building No.47 Square St HK- completed transaction en bloc
  • All properties at G/F to 4/F No.5 Staunton St SoHo Central HK – completed transaction for all non-residential units (4-storey) within the building
  • In 2004-2006, Kingsway garnered over 80% of Sales transaction of all retail units within a major section of lower part of Elgin street by the transactions of shops including No.19, No.14A, No.10, No.11, No.8, No.9 , Elgin St.
  • Ground Floor No.29 Shelley St (~ 1200 sq.ft with Shop front directly faced Escalator)
  • LG/F No.59 Caine Rd, HK (~1100 sq.ft F&B shop by the Escalator.)
  • Shop faced to Escalator No.61 Caine Rd, HK. (~800sq.ft retail shop)
  • Shop No.33 Aberdeen St HK (~ two side entrance shop around 1450sq.ft )
  • Shop On Ground Floor No.59 Staunton St ( G/F ~900sq.ft + M/F ~600sq.ft )
  • 3 Shops On Ground Floor No.43 Caine Rd ( G/F ~1600sq.ft  + yard ~600sq.ft )
  • Shop On Ground Floor No.18 Gough St ( G/F ~800sq.ft + M/F ~700sq.ft )

Track record of our remarkable transaction cases from 2007-2011

  • Kingsway picked up over 80% of the sales transactions of retail Shop in the Sheung Wan central district A true record at the time during a single month.
  • Retail shop on Ground Floor No.11 Elgin St (~1100sq.ft )
  • Retail shop By the Escalator No.17 Lyndhurst Terrace( G/F + Basement ~1600sq.ft )
  • Retail shop on Ground Floor  King Ho Building Aberdeen St  (~900sq.ft + yard )
  • En bloc (whole building sales) No.15 Shelley St.
  • Shop No.208 Hollywood Rd, sales of retails space (totaled ~3,000sqft)
  • Wellington St (prominent location / near Midlevel Escalator) huge retail unit at 1,600sqft
  • Shop No.14 Shelly St sales of 1600 sq.ft retail Shop at ground level Directly faced to the escalator.
  • Sold 2 Luxury Residential units transactions at No.3 Robinson Rd ( ~1400sq.ft each Unit )
  • Sold 1 Luxury residential unit at No.40 Conduit Rd (  ~1200 sq.ft  )
  • Sold 1 Luxury residential unit at No.5 Conduit Rd (   ~1300 sq.ft  )
  • Ting Kau area – sales of seaside villa (4 stories House ~4000sq.ft with Full view of Ching Ma Bridge)
  • The South Bay Tower, Repulse Bay – sales of 2,600sqft residential Luxury unit
  • Villa Verde, Guilford Rd, The Peak – sales of 1,500sqft residential unit.

Track record of our remarkable transaction cases from 2012-2014

  • 3 Retail Shops by the Escalator No.49 Elgin St – completed leasing deal for 3 adjacent retail shops at commission of HK$700,000 – highest commission for a single lease transaction in the SOHO area.
  • 2 Units Fast East Financial Centre, HK – completed transaction at HK$120m – one of the highest 2nd hand transaction value for office space in HK .
  • Cliffview Mansion, No.27 Conduit Rd Midlevel, HK – completed transaction for a unit at highest transaction value of 2nd hand residential unit in the Western Mid-Level Area
  • Shop On Ground Floor No.45 Gough St ( G/F ~900sq.ft + M/F ~700sq.ft )
  • Shop On Ground Floor No.53 Staunton St ( G/F ~800sq.ft + M/F ~700sq.ft )
  • Whole Block No.11 Queen’s Rd west , HK ( G/F ~900sq.ft  + upstairs Residentials )
  • Residential unit at Stubbs Villa, Stubbs Rd   (   ~2325 sq.ft  )
  • Retail Shop No.45 Caine Rd, HK – closed deal for sales of retail Shop.


Track record of our remarkable transaction cases at the Recent Years

  • During the past 10 years, our company has achieved more than 60% of the properties sales and lease transactions in the entire street of Prince’s Terrace.
  • Sold 3 big size units at No.17-19 Prince’s terrace. (Gross~1000sq.ft each)
  • Sold Whole Floor apartment on Argenta Gross 2728 sq.ft Brand New Bldg.
  • Sold Deluxe apartment at Villa Verde, Guilford Rd, The Peak,~ 1,500sqft residential unit.
  • Sold Penthouse Apartment 1600sq.ft with Roof Garden at the WAN CHUI YUEN Tai Hang Road.
  • Sold Top Floor Apartment with Roof Garden at the Robinson Height Robinson Road.
  • Sold Mount view court No.12 Conduit Road with Private Garden.
  • Sold Nikken Height deluxe Apartment.


We have an outstanding leasing team. We have leased out many popular small to medium-sized units from Sheung Wan to Mid-Levels. Many units in some stand-alone buildings are almost all rented out by our company. The following are some of our remarkable leasing cases:


  • Leased many huge Apartments with stunning view of beach and the sea at Repulse Bay.
  • Huge House at the Peak with private swimming Pool and Garden with perfect views of lush hills and the tranquil sea.
  • Huge apartments at Mount Kellett Rd with perfect views of lush hills and the tranquil sea.
  • Brilliant Apartments in prestige building at Mount Austin’s with Stunning sunset views of the sea and the sky.
  • Penthouse with huge Sky terrace apartment at The Oakhill with breathtaking views of the city skyline.
  • Rent out many distinguished and luxurious apartments on Old Peak Road, including panoramic view of the Government Executive’s Residence and a magnificent Victoria Harbor view, and other flats at Hillsborough Court, Dynasty Court, Pine Court.
  • Rent out many distinguished and luxurious apartments on Tregunter Path, May Road , including May Tower, Tregunter, VALVERDE and The Aigburth, some with magnificent Victoria Harbor view.
  • Leased many apartments at The Albron Court, all units are more than 1300sq.ft, including apartment near the top floor, and deluxe apartments with full sea view.
  • Rent out many distinguished and luxurious apartments on Bowen Rd, Kennedy Rd and Macdonell Rd including Top Floor with Roof, Deluxe décor Apartment.
  • Leased many Huge apartments at Robinson Place including the Top floor Apartment, high Floor apartment with Full unblocked Victoria harbour view, deluxe apartments.
  • Leased apartments at The Grand Panorama, including Duplex apartment, top flop deluxe apartment with roof, many huge apartments with full sea view.
  • Penthouse of Sky Horizon with huge Sky terrace and Roof Garden with the best view of the stunning scenery of Victoria Harbor.
  • Leased out huge 3 bedrooms art décor penthouse with internal staircase to private Roof Garden at the Castle V.