Prime Shop by Escalator for Sale & Lease
Shelley Street, Central

Gross Size :

3000 sq.ft

(Size Not Yet Verified)

For Sell :

Dimension : Width : 26.5ft x Depth : 76.8ft x Ceiling Height :
Layout : 1 Manager Rm, 3 Indoor Toilet
Feature : Water In&Out, with Backdoor, Suitable for F&B, High Speed Internet, Take Over Business


Located right next to the pedestrian Escalator in SOHO!

The front half of the shop has a ceiling height of 20 feet!

This location is a must-pass for those in Upper Mid-Levels! Ideal for attracting commercial clients in the trendy SoHo and CBD area!

  • The current tenant is a successful restaurant business, making this space an ideal location for food-related businesses.
  • The property is now equipped with three-phase 100A electricity, toilets, water supply, and other supporting facilities, making it a convenient location for businesses.
  • Ideally suited for restaurants and bars, this property is equipped with basic kitchen fittings and a food and beverage license.
  • The retail shops boast large display windows that showcase the latest collections and designs, attracting the attention of passersby and potential customers.
  • This pleasant street food thoroughfare is home to more than 20 popular restaurants, attracting tourists from all over Hong Kong.
  • Adjacent to the core business district, the location benefits from high footfall and business is guaranteed.
  • Featured tourist attractions pull in the crowds day and night, with night-time bringing in the greatest revenue.
  • This store features a unique and eye-catching storefront, helping businesses stand out and attract customers.
  • This beautifully designed retail space, boasts a versatile layout featuring movable walls and ample storage space.
  • Extra-high shop ceilings enhance the sense of space.
  • The enthusiastic crowds encapsulate the vitality of the city.
  • This exceptional shop is in one of the world’s most sought-after streets.
  • located in the heart of SoHo.
  • This commercial building with themed trendy food center, leading the market and gathering the world’s high-end restaurants and lifestyle merchants.
  • This shop is in a high-traffic area, making it an ideal location for businesses seeking maximum exposure.
Property ID : 190058
Last Update : December 22, 2023
CIS Type : Retails
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