Queen's Rd C F&B Shop Free for take over
Queen's Road Central, Central

Gross Size :

1116 sq.ft

(Size Not Yet Verified)

For Rent :

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Dimension : Ceiling Height :
Layout : 5 Common Toilet
Feature : Water In&Out, with Backdoor, Suitable for F&B


This beautifully renovated shop unit on Queen’s Road Central is available for lease.

It comes with a small eatery license, a prominent shop front, high ceilings, and a central air conditioning system.

The square-oriented design ensures efficient usage of the kitchen space, making it ideal for food and beverage businesses.

Ready for business, No Take fee is required for renting this Restaurtant shop on Queen’s Road Central.

  • Surrounded by distinguished Grade A office buildings, this building houses many up-market customers and well-known companies.
  • Grade A office, imposing lobby and high standard of property management and services.
  • The property boasts themed restaurants and bar areas, and the businesses of people in other industries are also very prosperous every week. The overall foot traffic has increased, and prices have also increased, making it a prosperous investment opportunity.
  • Licensed restaurant free charge for takeover, well-maintained kitchen finishes and equipment, sanitation and ventilation.
  • This elegant restaurant features a private dining room and a fully equipped kitchen with all necessary licenses.
  • The enthusiastic crowds encapsulate the vitality of the city.
  • Prime location directly above the MTR station.
  • High-quality office buildings in the core area of Sheung Wan and close to the MTR station.
Property ID : 246949
Last Update : December 22, 2023
Type of Property : Retails
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