Lucky Building Whole Floor for Lease
39 Wellington Street, Central

Gross Size :

2214 sq.ft

(Size Not Yet Verified)

For Rent :

Layout : 2 Common Toilet
Feature : Water In&Out, with Backdoor, High Speed Internet


The high-rise office space located at 39 Wellington Street in Lucky Building is an incredibly attractive commercial space, perfect for medium-sized companies. This office occupies an entire floor and boasts a spacious area of 2,214 square feet, featuring three sides with large windows. These expansive windows provide an abundance of natural light and offer panoramic views.

The layout design of this office is highly impressive, making it easy to manage the space effectively. It offers a multi-functional workspace, including open-plan areas, manager’s rooms, and meeting rooms. Such a layout allows the office to cater to the daily operational needs of medium-sized companies while providing ample space for collaboration and communication among employees.

In addition to its outstanding interior design, the location of this office is also exceptionally convenient. Situated near Lan Kwai Fong in Central, it is just a 3-minute walk to the nearest MTR station. This not only provides convenient transportation for the office’s employees but also allows them to easily access the facilities and services in the surrounding area.

The combination of its prime location and excellent facilities makes this office a highly attractive choice. Being situated in a bustling commercial district, this office will benefit from the business activities and development opportunities in the vicinity. Additionally, it provides potential tenants with a high-quality office environment, helping to attract and retain top talent.

With its spacious area, exceptional layout, and convenient location, this high-rise office space at Lucky Building is an ideal commercial space. It offers limitless potential and opportunities for businesses seeking a comfortable, efficient, and competitive work environment.

Property ID : 00249707
Last Update : December 22, 2023
Type of Property : Office
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