Prime Retail Shop on Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay

Gross Size :

535 sq.ft

(Size Not Yet Verified)

For Rent :



This retail space is strategically positioned at a street corner in Causeway Bay, offering an enviable geographical advantage.

Facing Hennessy Road, one of Hong Kong’s major thoroughfares, it commands attention from both locals and tourists.

The prominent position opposite the main entrance of SOGO Department Store further enhances its appeal. .

With a steady stream of foot traffic flowing throughout the day and into the night, this retail space experiences a constant buzz of activity.

The evenings, in particular, witness a surge of vibrant energy as crowds flock to the area.

This continuous influx of potential customers creates an atmosphere brimming with opportunities.

Businesses seeking to make their mark in one of Hong Kong’s liveliest districts will find this location to be the perfect platform.

Property ID : 0013874
Last Update : December 22, 2023
Type of Property : Retails
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